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Retreat Yoga


We have a dream to building a forest in the modern city, opening up an elegant land for urban people, leading to high-quality healthy living, and to let more people enjoy yoga life.

Yoga Retreat has dozens of yoga studios in the China. Relying on resources, group headquarters, depending on the curriculum system of In Yoga Academy, and actively introduce international fashion Yoga course, closely connecting with the global yoga community.

We developed a rigorous curriculum system, inviting the international master to China with lecture tour, playing an active force to promote the progress of the professional level of the domestic industry.

Retreat Yoga also has its own development of the industry's leading yoga studio dedicated ERP system, including venues intelligent management, curriculum management, CRM management, etc..We provide an orderly management of the club, and assist members to develop regular exercise habits.

In the next few years, we will expand to more cities, and more people will fresh up their lives with yoga.


Yoga Retreat翠瑜伽,在中国大陆拥有数十家会馆,依托于集团总部资源,采用In Yoga Academy课程体系,同时积极引进国际前沿的时尚瑜伽课程,与全球瑜伽界紧密接轨。


Yoga Retreat翠瑜伽还拥有自行开发的领先业界的瑜伽馆专用ERP系统,包括场馆智能化管理、课程管理、CRM管理等方面。在为会所提供有序管理的同时,协助会员养成规律性的运动习惯。