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In Yoga隐瑜伽连锁


IN YOGA, more than half a century the history of modern yoga practice system, created and implemented the implicit Yoga Institute of Technology (IN YOGA ACADEMY), stressed that yoga is not a simple asana practice, butcontinue inward to explore the self and continue to practice the yoga philosophy in real life process.

Half a century, we focus on yoga, to make every effort to lead the members new way of life     We offer a unique venue to practice, here is the third space of the work outside the home, follow the philosophy of "Great hidden" in the city, a cup of tea, by strands of candlelight, the body and mind melting here;     We have the most excellent and rigorous curriculum, we will promote excellent worldwide yoga instructor to come to China to help members in the original living habits, arrange a regular practice time, make life more healthy and full of fresh;    IN YOGA system, yoga is much more than a few style method, after the accumulated exercise, yoga into daily life, into a philosophy of life and attitude of each member, we have been committed.


隐瑜伽(IN YOGA),有超过半个世纪历史的现代瑜伽修习体系,由隐瑜伽学院(IN YOGA ACADEMY)的创立开始,强调瑜伽不是单纯的体式练习,而是不断向内探究自我并且在实际生活中不断践行瑜伽理念的过程。

半个世纪以来,我们专注于瑜伽,倾尽全力引领会员全新的生活方式。 我们提供独一无二的练习场馆,这里是工作、家庭之外的第三空间,遵循着“大隐于市”的哲学理念,点一杯清茶,借几缕烛光,让身心在这里融化;


在IN YOGA体系里,瑜伽绝不仅仅是几个体式法,在日积月累的练习之后,瑜伽将融入生活,内化为每一个会员的生活理念和态度,我们一直致力于此。